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  • Protect seniors, particularly the most vulnerable seniors living in Long-Term Care homes, by toughening the penalties for elder abuse and broadening the definition to ensure that mistreating or failing to care for vulnerable seniors is a criminal offence. It is long past time to ensure that care home administrators and others who fail to care for our seniors are held to account.

  • More access for seniors to have healthcare in their homes. I propose enhancing the Caregiver’s Credit and the Disability Tax Credit for those over the age of 65. This will make these tax credits refundable and therefore more accessible to seniors on low incomes.

  • I also propose that seniors be able to deduct from their taxes those expenses that enable them to live safely in their homes.

  • I will also work with provinces to boost funding for homecare. I see this not as a government expense but an investment that reduces the cost of hospital and institutionalized care while enhancing the quality of life for seniors. 

  • COVID-19 has depleted the savings and retirement accounts for many seniors. A few months ago, I proposed that the requirement for seniors to withdraw money from their Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) be relaxed while the financial markets were at a low. The Liberal government offered token relief. I propose that the requirement to withdraw from a RRIF be suspended for two years. I also propose allowing seniors to withdraw up to $10,000 from a RRIF on a tax-free basis for two years.