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  • Ensure that farming families are engaged in any trade negotiations or programs impacting the sector.

  • Fight to end the Liberal carbon tax which is driving up farm input costs like diesel fuel, natural gas, fertilizer, transportation and electricity.

  • Open up new markets for our grain and oilseed producers in our free trade negotiations.

  • Ensure our farm safety net programs are predictable, bankable and manageable.

  • Work with communities in order to develop policies facilitating the transfer of family farms from parents to their children.

  • Recognize the critical environmental stewardship provided by Canadian farmers and examine public good recognition for the positive impacts they have on wetlands conservation, carbon sequestration, reforestation, species protection and maintaining pollinator habitat. Launch a national Alternative Land Use Systems (ALUS) pilot to examine positive incentives for environmental stewardship by farmers.

  • Protect our food supply by implementing a food security strategy.

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