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  • Toughening sentencing laws to bring greater accountability and fairness to protect Canadians who are vulnerable to the worsening problem of rural crime.

  • Enacting consecutive sentences for multiple human trafficking offences, while closing the revolving door of bail.

  • Reinstating the funding the Liberal government put on hold that has helped front-line organizations deal with victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

  • Increasing funding to support Child and Youth Advocacy Centres and open new centres where the need is greatest.

  • Strengthening the accessibility and adherence to Protection Orders and Peace Bonds to ensure more effective enforcement by police.

  • Toughening parole eligibility considerations and criminal sentences for the most despicable and heinous crimes to remove the chance of an early release.

  • Redefining and expanding the definition of terrorism offences and enact stronger sentencing measures.

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