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Priorities > Flood Prevention

  • Watershed-scale monitoring, data collection/management and modelling.

  • Watershed-scale studies, plans, assessments and strategies.

  • Watershed-wide actions including stewardship, communication, and education and
    outreach activities.

  • Revise the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board (ORRPB).

  • Revisit the Special Advisors 66 recommendations to fix the flooding situation.

  • The Federal Government must increase provincial funds for relief and raise disaster
    funds for homes and businesses that fall short of what residents get from private
    insurance or the local government.

  • Train local authorities to prepare immediate infrastructure placement when there is a
    marginal increase of water.

  • The Federal Government gives Ottawa enough money for compensation in the form of a

  • Support for flood-resistant infrastructure.

  • Programs to help pay to fortify the foundation of homes.