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  • Addressing housing affordability: Housing prices in Canada have skyrocketed in recent years. While much of this is due to provincial and municipal policies that make it too hard and too expensive to build more housing, the federal government has a role to play.

  • Increasing competition: The best way to ensure that people are getting good quality at a fair price is to ensure that there is competition. Far too often in Canada, though, this is not the case. Our laws all too often protect big businesses and their highly paid executives at the expense of Canadian consumers.

  • Recognizing that the cost of raising children continues to sky-rocket and the birth of a first child often brings a myriad of first-time costs, I will expand the Canada Child Benefit by allowing benefits to begin for the first child at the 7th month of pregnancy rather than at childbirth.

  • Cutting and simplifying income taxes, based on the results of the tax system review.