Hi, I'm Alex

I am running to do what is right for our country.


As a Managing Partner at Today Media, I have faced many challenges of running a small business. Working day to day, providing jobs for Canadians and services for companies.


My responsibility as a community leader has been to organize family food banks, co-ordinate youth, and street outreach programs for people who have feel neglected. Every week I see the positive impact that is being made in the lives of families and individual Canadians. 


My passion for politics has led me to run a federal campaign, play a vital role in the 2020 leadership race, and be a political advisor to a Member of Parliament for many years. Always fighting for the country that I believe in. 


Our country cannot bring a brighter future under a reckless government, swarmed by corruption.


Bringing about meaningful changes needs a fighter, hard worker and a passion to serve our riding. This is why I am running to be your next Federal Conservative Candidate. 


My name is Alex Osorio, and I am ready to fight for you!

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