How to Vote

Official Nomination Voting Procedure for the Electoral District of Kanata-Carleton


*Voting will be conducted online or by telephone.*


To vote in this nomination election, EACH MEMBER will be required to complete the following steps:

  1.  Beginning July 10th members will begin to receive a secure link that will be sent to their e-mail address on record.

  2. From that secure site members must upload photo(s) or scan(s) of their proof of identification and eligibility:

  • One original piece of identification issued by a Canadian federal, provincial, or territorial government agency containing the member’s photograph, name, and address,



  • Two original pieces of identification, which contain the member’s name, one of which contains the member’s photograph and one of which contains the member’s address. 

See below for suggested forms of ID.

  • Deadline to upload required ID is July 13h, 2021, 5:00pm.

***Members are strongly encouraged to upload well in advance of the deadline.  If technical problems are encountered steps can be taken to re-attempt if you do not leave it to the last minute***

Please take care to ensure your uploaded ID is clear and legible.  We MUST have BOTH PHOTO ID AND proof of ADDRESS.


When your ID is accepted, your e-mail will be added to the voters list, and you will be issued a Personal Identification Number or PIN to your confirmed e-mail address.  If your ID is not accepted, you will have additional opportunity to meet ID requirements.

Voting will begin when PINs are sent beginning on July 20th, 2021.

Voting will close on July 22nd, 2021, 7:00pm.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these challenging times. 


Suggested Forms of Photo ID with Address

Driver’s License

Provincial ID Card

These documents require ADDITIONAL proof of Address


Health Card

Student Card

Firearm License

Nexus Card

Suggested Forms of Address (only) ID

Utility Bill

Municipal / Provincial (School Board) / Federal Government Correspondence

Bank / Financial Institution / Credit Card Statement

*The Conservative Party of Canada takes the privacy of our members seriously.  Identification files will be held for a short period of time until verification takes place.  After the ID files are reviewed, they are immediately deleted.

*If your ID is not approved, the reviewed ID is deleted and ALL documents must be RE-submitted.